Susan's Story

A 62-Year-Old Nurse's Inspirational Weight Loss Journey from Liverpool

Week 1
Week 20

Why did you join the Dr Frank's Weight Loss Programme?

Over a period of more than 30 years I was unable to lose weight regardless of how and what I tried and, in fact, progressively gained weight. I had also been advised for a number of years that I was insulin resistant and that too only seemed to be getting worse.

How did you hear about Dr Frank's Weight Loss Programme?

A friend recommended Professor Joseph to me to help with both my weight and insulin resistance.

Have you tried other weight loss methods in the past and did they work?

I have tried many and varied diets in the past but was never able to lose any significant amount of weight or improve my insulin resistance.

"The programme has been incredibly easy and it has worked amazingly well for me."

How did you find the programme and has it worked for you?

The programme has been incredibly easy, and it has worked amazingly well for me. I’ve followed the advice I was given about introducing more protein into my diet and aiming for low carbohydrate intake. This has been no hardship at all since I now don’t feel as hungry as I did before I started the programme and the weight has steadily melted away.

How has it impacted your life?

The programme has positively impacted my life in many ways, principally because I have lost 5 stone in a year almost to the day I started!

There are so many wonderful things that have followed:
• I have a wardrobe of size 14 clothes and am never stuck for something lovely and appropriate to wear      
• I am no longer insulin resistant and have much lower blood pressure      
• I can exercise more and without feeling uncomfortable  
• The best of the life changes though has been feeling comfortable with myself in my own head. I no longer spend time worrying about what I can wear for an event or everyday living and I’m not concerned about finding something to wear that is suitable, will fit and is appropriate for my size

It’s amazing how much brain space I now have free for other positive things, like swimming 3 times a week, gardening and trips away. And I haven’t ‘dieted' for even one day of the last year!

"I have lost 5 stone in a year almost to the day I started and I haven't 'dieted' for even one day!"

What would you say to anyone considering starting the programme?

I would recommend the programme to anyone who finds their excess weight a problem to them. I have had positive and helpful advice from my consultant, dietician and psychologist appointments and, consequently, losing weight has been easy and successful for the first time in my life.

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