Lauren's Story

Some people battle with weight loss their whole life and this can take its toll in so many ways. Here is Lauren’s story…

Week 1
Week 20

Why did you join the Dr Frank's Weight Loss Programme?

I joined Dr Frank's Weight Loss Programme because I had been obese my whole life and I felt like I needed to take control of my weight and my health. I wanted to be able to say yes to opportunities and not limit myself because of my size.

How did you hear about Dr Frank's Weight Loss Programme?

I heard about the Dr Frank's Weight Loss Programme through Spire Liverpool. I got into contact with them and within a few weeks, had my first appointment with the clinic.

Have you tried other weight loss methods in the past and did they work?

I have tried a lot of other weight loss methods in the past such as Keto, Slimming World, Vegetarianism, shake diets, swimming, Weight Watchers, calorie counting, etc. but none of them worked for me. I would have short periods of motivated weight loss, but it was always followed by an even larger weight gain.

How did you find the programme and has it worked for you?

I found the programme to be very effective and it has worked wonders for me. I was prescribed Ozempic and after one year, I have lost almost 5 stone and feel better in my own skin. It has given me the opportunity to rebuild my relationship with food and I feel in control of my eating habits for the first time in my life.

How has it impacted your life?

The impact of the programme on my life has been huge. I can now wear clothes that I feel stylish and pretty in, go on walks without my legs aching, wear dresses with no sleeves, and I’m not afraid to say ‘yes’ to new experiences. My mental health has improved greatly and I have gained my life back.

What would you say to anyone considering starting the programme?

I would say to anyone considering starting the programme that it is a life-changing experience. The team of specialists who supported me throughout this experience were fantastic, and I wouldn't have been able to achieve my weight loss without their support and Ozempic. It has given me control over my own body and allowed me to embrace life and enjoy being in my twenties. I highly recommend it to anyone who is struggling with their weight.

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