Cadi's Story

Some people battle with weight loss their whole life and this can take its toll in so many ways. Here is Cadi’s story…

Week 1
Week 20

Why did you join the Dr Frank's Weight Loss Programme?

I was struggling with weight gain, hormonal issues, fatigue, and felt like I was at my lowest. That's when I book a consultation and decided to give Dr. Franks Weight Loss Clinic a try.

How did you hear about Dr Frank's Weight Loss Programme?

I came to know about the clinic directly through Professor Joseph.

Have you tried other weight loss methods in the past and did they work?

Yes, I was physically very active, training 3 to 4 times a week, playing rugby and working full time while also studying for a degree. But no matter what I did, I couldn't lose weight. I just kept gaining it.

How did you find the programme and has it worked for you?

Initially, I was scared about using Ozempic because I have a fear of needles. But my journey with Ozempic has been brilliant so far. It's been a massive help with the weight gain. As for the side effects, I've been fortunate not to experience many, aside from a slight issue with constipation which I had anyway.

How has it impacted your life?

The treatment has truly changed my life. The only thing I can't do now is drink alcohol as it makes me feel sick, but that doesn't bother me. I can enjoy myself without alcohol, and it's healthier and less fattening. Given a choice between Ozempic and alcohol, it will always be Ozempic.

What would you say to anyone considering starting the programme?

For women who have polycystic ovaries, I'd highly recommend this treatment. It's made a significant difference in my life. If you're looking to lose weight or have polycystic ovaries and need something to help, go for it. It's the best decision you'll make.

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